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Cape Town Property Attorney Law

A Cape Town property attorney, also called a conveyancer, mostly work with the transfer of immovable property in the event of buying or selling. However, they also deal with a range of other things related to property. For instance, in the event of death a property attorney will deal with the transfer of property from the deceased estate to beneficiaries or heirs, or they handle the sale of the property and ensure the funds are kept in the estate for distribution. In some cases they may transfer the property to a spouse, child or charity. In these events the property attorney must sanction the transfer to ensure it is done in accordance with the deceased’s last will and testament. A Cape Town property attorney works with several subjects related to property. From applying for new Title Deed’s when an original is lost to liquidation and sequestration. Where certain property disputes are relevant and the transfer of property in any event, a property attorney or conveyancer should be contacted.

Property Attorney Law


Property Attorney Law


Cape Town Property Attorney Law


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